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Workplace Yoga


What is Workplace Yoga?

Do your employees sit at a desk for most of the day? Perhaps a common complaint in the office is about shoulder pain, neck tension and/or lower back aches? Or maybe there are days of the week when the work-load is piling up, there are deadlines to meet and stress levels are high?

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular across the world, especially in the workplace and many companies and business are now recognising the value of Yoga in corporate and business settings. 

'Workplace Yoga' is designed to bring relief to your employees with the main goal of improving staffs mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace. This form of wellness teaches Yoga through simple stretches, breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises and guided meditations which works to significantly reduce stress, ease aches and pains and boost moral for the whole team.

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Why is Yoga good for the work place?

Cultivating Yoga in to your employees work lives can significantly improve their mental and physical well-being. The physical aspects to Yoga will help improve posture, reduce common aches and pains in the body from sitting for long periods, decrease workplace stress, staff sickness/absence and help to retain staff, lowering your businesses turn-over rate.

Yoga is suitable for everyone as it is a low impact practice and it’s versatile exercises can be modified to suit individual needs. So whether your employees have done Yoga before or not, these sessions are accessible for ALL.

& After a mindful Yoga practice, your employees will leave the sessions feeling calm, energised, more confident and will be more productive and motivated to work!

Our Clients

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Neil Jones

Solicitor Director - Page Nelson Solicitors

"We are genuinely committed to improving and maintaining the wellbeing of our employees. We're all aware more than ever of the pressures we all face, and of the crucial role played by both physical and mental health in enabling us to manage those pressures. Yoga is the perfect way to strengthen both body and mind so that we're better equipped to deal with the demands of the work day, and having Emily come into the office to show us how to it's done is having a really positive effect on morale, wellbeing, and productivity. Every workplace should try it."

What Page Nelson Employees have to say...

Allison P


"We have had Emily come into work to do some desk yoga with us and it has really helped with my neck and back. I look forward to our monthly session she provides us."

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If you think your business and employees would benefit from this service, click the button below to get the Workplace Yoga Info Pack & chat with Emily Warrior today to discuss how we can help enhance wellbeing in your workplace.

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